Don't Stop Learning and Sharing!
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Don’t Stop Learning and Sharing!


The increasing complexity of life makes each individual must forge his capabilities continuously. Not only for the sake of increasing the value of himself, but also to keep that value can still be exchanged. In addition, continue to have to share in order to find ways to work together to find peace and prosperity.

The advice that life is an endless learning process is becoming increasingly apparent in this age. Each person increasingly needs to maintain, forge, and develop their values ​​in a world that is so fast changing, flat, and fierce competition. Without it, values ​​in themselves will no longer be relevant or decreased competitiveness.

We must find new ways and approaches in continuous learning in order to continually increase self-value. We cannot expect too much from formal educational institutions that are hobbling in pursuit of the pace of development of science, especially those based on competence.

We need to follow an old advice, “everyone is a teacher, every place is a school.” We must learn from everyone and everywhere to maintain and improve self-worth.

More than a month was unfelt, I learned a lot of things in forging myself about exploring the world in the field of comprehensive maritime security cooperation, participated by 31 countries,10 international organizations, 47 civilian, 49 uniformed, 72 men, 24 women, 3 site visits, 7 external speakers, 10 cohort projects and 46 individuals – for the development of maritime governance, maritime civil and criminal authority, maritime defense, maritime safety, maritime response and recovery, and also maritime economy.

Even more – the most important thing is “building a networked and empowered “ohana” (family).”

Mahalo’ to The Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (APCSS) as a prestigious college of security studies in Honolulu, Hawaii under the U.S. Department of Defense institute – that has been expressing our praise (commendement) for graduating and becoming an APCSS (CMSC 19-1) Alumni.




Author: BRC